Saturday, April 26, 2008

spring forward

This past winter was the longest winter that I have had in years. After being in school in Indiana, where I "enjoyed" the longest winters of my LIFE, I headed south to sunny Florida. After leaving Florida, I spent half of a winter in the north, then went back south for the next winter in Georgia. This year I got the full thing. I loved the fall and some winter was nice, but around February I was ready for things to warm up already! Well, I had another thing coming, because I went to New York, which takes longer to heat up than West Virginia. I was wearing my winter coat and scarf much longer than I had hoped. Just when hints of heat hit the city, I went even more north to Vermont! I guess I wanted to make up for those years in the south! Luckily, we had several beautiful days in Vermont and when I headed south I saw spring quickly come in to bloom. New York had exploded into color in the one week I had been gone.

As I drove south to West Virginia, the scenery got greener and greener. I rolled down the windows and let the warmth come in. At times I could even smell the trees blooming by the interstate - so refreshing. Luckily for me, I can enjoy those smells and not be tormented by allergies like a lot of people have.

Today I got sip a cup of coffee out in the sun with the green trees all around. I am glad to welcome spring and I have to say "it's about time". Maybe I will enjoy it even more since I had to wait so long! I think early spring is especially nice because of the flowering trees. In New York I was able to see the cherry trees and today I saw Dogwood and Lilac. As I was taking in the Lilac in our yard, a couple of butterflies came by to get some dinner. Luckily they didn't mind me taking a few pictures of them.

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