Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living Situations

I've always heard that one of the most difficult things about living in New York is finding the place to live.  And I agree! There are so many different neighborhoods and each has it's great reasons to live in as well as its draw-backs.  Prices can be outrageous and it really comes down to location, location, location.  The closer you live to the heart of things, the more you are going to pay and the smaller it will probably be.  Live further out, have more space: pay less.  Live in the ghetto, pay even less.  I don't know if it's possible to to have it all.  I feel like there will always be a sacrifice, so you have to pick what is most important (at least in the moment) and go for it.

As I was walking around Manhattan this weekend I saw a beautiful building on Gramercy Park and figured that might be a nice place for me.  Just take a look.  Who wouldn't mind having a couple of shiny armor guys guarding the front door and gargoyles guarding the windows?  And walking the red carpet every time I run to the grocery store?  Sounds like my kind of place.  I came back to my cozy Brooklyn apartment and found my future apartment's website.  I did run into wee problem.  The building is no longer a rental, so I will have to buy.  Also the prices range from $484,500 - $6,690,600, but that includes bicycle storage AND white glove service!  So....I've got a little work to do.  Donations accepted.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old New York

 Fifth Avenue Clock (1909) and Flat Iron Building (1902)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Clothes for Claire

For a while now I have been thinking that I might want to get a new case for my clarinets.  I have had the same one for some time and it wasn't new when I got it. It's seen some mileage.  I started researching and thinking about what I might want to get to replace the old one.  I have a case cover that I really like with backpack straps that make it easy to carry around, so I thought I may just replace the inside case.  When I found out that was just as expensive as replacing the whole thing I decided I could get whatever I wanted!  I picked one by BAM that is supposed to be lightweight and very protective.  I pulled the trigger to the online store for all things woodwind and the next morning it was on its way to a new home.

My apartment isn't very good for receiving packages because if I am not home (which is usually the case) there is no place for UPS or the post office to leave a large package.  It ends up sitting at the post office until I can get there during business hours, which is difficult for me to do.  I've completely missed packages in the past and they have been sent back!  No good.  So these days I have everything delivered to work.  All week I anticipated the arrival of my new clarinet case (and a few other accessories I ordered).  Of course it arrives on Friday...the first day of my weekend...the one day I actually was home and could have received a delivery.  Oh well, that's just the way it goes.

I don't live very close to the office, so I decided not to go retrieve my goodies over the weekend.  The suspense would make it even better, right? After waiting, I was excited to get to work this afternoon!  And even more excited to get home and try it out!

Once I got home, I opened up my box like it was Christmas and tried it out.  My case has that new car smell to it.  So fun.  I feel a little bit, well, a lot, dorky that I get super excited about a clarinet case, but hey, that's my thing!  Anyway - "Claire" is snug and cozy in her new home and hanging out in my little practice area until I get home tomorrow and can make music with her.  We both look forward to taking the new case out for a real spin soon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lincoln Center Fountain - close up