Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Big Event

I'm excited.  I've been sick this week, but I'm still excited.  Because Monday night is Opening Night at the Metropolitan Opera!  It's time for our new season to start.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that it gets slow working for a performing arts organization during the summer months when there are no performances.  One of the big perks for working where I do is that I get to attend amazing performances.  I stay busy with other things throughout the summer, but it is always a welcomed day when the fall brings a new season to experience.  I rather enjoy opening night because it is usually something new and exciting...last year was a new production of Tosca, which many people hated.  But oh it was fun to be there and experience the hate first hand.  I love being a part of the drama.  This year we are premiering Das Rheingold, the first opera of our new production of Wagner's Ring Cycle.  If ever there is a thing to be loved or hated, it is a new production for a Ring Cycle.  People are PASSIONATE about this thing and they all loved the old production (as did I - it's the one I 'grew up' on).  But I'm open minded about the new one.  It could be cool, it could be fabulous, it could be silly.  We'll see.  But I'm super excited to be there on Monday night when it is introduced to the world for the first time.  Should I stuff my handbag with tomatoes to throw, just in case I find it appalling?  Possibly...that could be fun.  Mostly I just love to sit back and watch the crowd, dressed to the nines, taking part in this spectacular event.  My gown and heels are ready to go!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Day's Resolution

I need to play my "auxiliary" clarinets more!  Of course, I need to play all of my clarinets more, but especially the 'others'.  My bass and E-flat rarely come out of the case and that's not good.  It's especially not good because for the most part the only reason they do come out of their cases is because I have to play a rehearsal or gig with them. Which means when I am asked to play in public, I haven't been practicing and there is a good chance that I won't sound that great on them.  Which is... bad.  SO - I am going to attempt to stick to a new rule: At least ONE night a week I have BC night or E-flat night.  If I play them only once a week I will be in much better shape than I am currently.  I started tonight with a BC Squeak-fest.  It was tremendous.  At least I know it is me and not the instrument having the problem, since I had it worked on not too long ago.  Regardless of my clumsiness with it, it feels much better than it has in the past.  This makes me happy because I know if I just practice the thing it will sound better.  It's kind of fun and encouraging to sound like a total mess.  At least the only way to go is UP!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little o' this and that

This is just a random post that's not really about anything specific, but who cares.  Since a week ago I have felt like most of what I say is a random stream of stuff.  I've said the same thing to myself over and over and several people have heard the same thing too.  Most people also reply with the same stories, but for some reason I keep going round and round.  Each and every day.  The days almost blend together as one big day of 'keeping myself together' and grabbing the bull by the horns.

So this morning I felt like staying in bed, but I did that a little too long yesterday and as nice as I thought it would be, it got be  So this morning I rested a bit and then went straight to my bike.  Love that bike.  The sun was shining and the temperature in the mid 60's.  I crossed the street and found myself in Prospect Park, which I took a couple of spins around and it felt good.  At least it was my bike and body doing the spinning instead of only the thoughts inside my head.
The first half of the park is the most challenging from where I live.  There is a bit of a hill that is just gradual and long enough that I can't do my 'usual' hill treatment. (Stand up and RUN).  I actually have to work at it a bit...but that's good.  Gets the heart rate up.  Coming back down the hill on the other side is my favorite....especially at the hour I was out today.  As I coasted down the hill and felt the air blowing all around me I could see the lake to my left.  The sun shone on the water which glistened like diamonds winking at me.  Nice.  I had to loop around and do another round of the park just so I could see it again.  

What else... I did some grocery shopping... much needed.  Then I bought a mop because my apartment is dirty and getting on my nerves so I intend to clean.  I think the job requires something stronger than Swiffer, so I got a more 'serious' mop.  Hope I can get around to it, but I have a couple of performances this evening and will have to start getting ready for that before too long.  Something about a road being paved with good intentions....

One other thing.  How is Google so smart???  This new Google Instant search is unbelievable.  It can finish my sentences for me.  It knows what I am looking for before I know it.  For those situations of "Oh, I can't remember what it's called... I think it starts with a B".... Google can read my mind.  Amazing.  We don't even have to think these days.  Google will figure it all out.   I am sitting here listening to Pandora, which knows what I want to listen to, searching Google which knows what I want to find.  Life should always be this easy. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spun right a record, baby

What is it they say about history?  History repeats itself?  Learn from the past?  I don't know.  I guess all of it sounds good.  I am about ready for history to stop repeating itself.  Sure, it's always a variation and slightly different...and so exciting! *eye roll*  But all in all, it's the same old thing.

I'm not going to say much more.  It's all been said before.  Here and here and you get the point here.

As much as I love making those cookies, I'd rather not have to post this again unless I am remembering the past...or enjoying my departure from the past...not to comment on the present.  :)  Is it possible to stop history from repeating itself or do I always need to keep those neon stirrup pants, hair crimper, and chunky boots in the closet for the next time they come around?  Vintage clothing is one thing.  Vintage problems... something else.  Enough!