Friday, April 29, 2011

Picturing the flowers

I've been pretty excited about the weather this week.  Not the weather that was in the forecast, but the actual weather.  The forecast has been nothing but confusing, predicting rain and thunderstorms almost every day this week - starting with what was supposed to be a rainy gloomy Easter Sunday but was beautiful instead.  What we ended up with (for the most part) was a very nice week.  I never knew what to wear or if I should take my umbrella or my sunglasses, but I'll carry both any day for the chance of sun!  

It's also been fun to watch the skyline change outside my window every morning.  Each day the park became a little bit greener than it was the day before.  The tree right outside my window is looking quite nice and the park has turned gorgeous.  Yesterday on my lunch break at work I grabbed a sandwich and sat in the small park across from my office.  I snapped a few shots of flowers and of a bird that had an interest in my sandwich.  I love the spring and taking pictures of flowers.  It's so easy to be a 'good photographer' when everything around me is so beautiful!  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A spring in my step

It seems like spring is ever so slowly, finally starting to show itself in New York. It's been a long time coming, that's for sure.  We had two days that were really nice this week and a couple of days that were more gloomy and rainy.  I guess rain is to be expected in April, so I should keep positive and hope that April showers really do bring May flowers!!!

I have been trying to coax spring into showing up a little more.  Maybe it is nervous about coming out after winter was so strong.  Who knows.  I thought buying some spring shoes might help.  Right?  Besides, I had a coupon from the fabulous DSW that was about to expire so I had to use it!  It's a bit of a gimmic, yes, because I had to spend money in order to save money, but the coupon was only sent to me because I had spent a certain amount of money in the past.  I really couldn't let that go to waste.

As much as I love summer sandals, I don't feel quite like buying them yet.  We are just passing that awkward stage of shoe shopping where I have no interest in more boots or winter shoes but I'm not ready for flip flops. I searched around DSW for a long time and nothing was really striking my fancy.  Eventually, I just started trying on things for fun when I found a perfect pair of spring shoes!  Cute, colorful, light and 'springy'.  Yay!  So I was able to use my coupon and walk out of there with some happy feet.  I love new shoes!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Winter woes

Is spring ever going to get here?  It's cold!  Am I stuck in some kind of never-ending winter?  It's been February since February.  I've had enough.