Friday, July 22, 2011


Woah!  It got HOT!  It was hot yesterday and it is hotter today and it's supposed to be hot again tomorrow.
This was our temperature today:

The humidity on top of that made it feel like 112 or something insane.  To me once it's that hot it's all the same.
 I went out for a little bit today, but I am perfectly happy spending the rest of the day eating ice cream in front of my air conditioner.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This evening I was caught by one of those quick but heavy summer rain storms.  I took shelter in the subway station while it passed.  Look what showed up when the storm passed:

Friday, July 8, 2011

True Criminals

Crazy things always happen to me!  I just came back from lunch, where I was sitting in the park on a bench eating my turkey sandwich.  A guy walking his two dogs comes my way.  One of the dogs runs over to me like he wants to say hello. Cute!  I reach out to pet him and the dog grabs my sandwich right out of my lap!  It was on the ground before I even knew what happened!  While the first dog wrestled with the napkin, the other one joined in the party and took half for himself!  All the meanwhile, the owner is trying to get rescue the napkin and the plastic bag, apologizing profusely.  I think these dogs are pros.  They may have done this move before.  After they finish, they lay down at my feet, knowing that I couldn't possibly be mad at those puppy eyes.  (Yeah right, they are waiting to see if I have any more food!!!!) See if I ever trust a cute friendly dog again!  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Time

I am so excited that I went to WV to be with family over the holiday weekend.  I loved having a long weekend and being able to get away from everything for a little while.  You can't quite relax in the city like you can outside of the city.  West Virginia was so beautiful and green.  The weather was great and we were able to enjoy some time outside.  Eating lunch on the porch with Mom and Dad...catching up on everything.

I always value being able to spend time with family - even though sometimes it can be crazy and hectic.  This visit was very special because I met my niece, Emma, for the first time!  She was so sweet and adorable and I loved her immediately.  I'm so glad I was able to spend time with her and get to know her a little bit.  I know she'll be a totally different little person the next time I see her. I wish I lived closer to my nieces and nephew so I could be a bigger part of their lives, but I cherish the time that I do get.  It is so amazing how little babies grow and develop their own personalities!  I remember the first time I saw Joel.  He was already 6 months old.  They are so different when they are first born than they are at 6 months.  I can't want to see what Emma will be like in a few more months.  Right now I love how she gets the pouty lip and sticks her little tongue out.  She also makes some incredible faces.  If she maintains control over those expressions as she grows up I could see quite an acting career in her future.

On the other end of the spectrum, I was able to spend good time with my two grandmothers.  They are also very special to me and I love being around them.  They always have great stories to share. I think I have a good chance at turning into a pretty cool and feisty lady in my later years.  As they say "I got it honest."

At our July 4 (on the 3rd) cookout, I was able to snap a picture of 4 generations:  Jared with his daughter, his parents, his Mama and Mama Honey.  I guess that's a Kodak moment if ever there was one.  Too bad Ben wasn't there with Joel and his little Erin, who I have yet to meet!  That would have been perfect.  Except my arms would probably be pretty tired.  Emma loves to be held and bounced and it's a workout after a while!  I'm sure Erin would want to join in the fun.  I do believe we have a name for such behavior: One One Two Girls.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

Just a moment before it's over, I have to say Happy 4th of July!  Happy Independence Day!  I had a wonderful holiday weekend and was so glad to be able to spend it with family in West Virginia.  I had to come back to New York today, so we did most of our celebrating yesterday.  We had a cookout, ate festive homemade cheesecake, and watched the fireworks in Charleston.  Today I caught a glimpse of the NYC fireworks, but it was through a peephole view down the street. Since I wasn't able to get all the way over to the river most of the fireworks were blocked by tall buildings. Too crazy!  But I heard the booms and it was exciting.

For some reason, which I am not sure of, the Coney Island hot dog eating contest is on July 4th too.  I heard some guy ate over 60 hot dogs in however many minutes it is.  Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.  I wonder if that guy really likes hot dogs.  I wonder if he will take some time off, or will he fire up the grill again tomorrow.... Well, I remember last year I was at Coney Island and saw the original Nathan's hot dog shop.  I ate one because you have to, right?  It was pretty good.  I rode my bike (moment of silence) to Coney Island and had a great time that day.  If you are curious as to what day it was, you can check out the clock on the picture that counts down to the next hot dog contest and do the math.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Bicycle Thief

It has been some kind of week.  I sit here on Saturday night, closing out the week and realize how much has happened!  I am in West Virginia right now, relaxing and spending time with my family, but earlier this week was not so nice and easy.

It all boils down to Wednesday.  What a DAY Wednesday was!  All the drama began at lunch when I bounced across the street with my bike helmet in hand - excited about the bike ride I was about to take.  When I reached the bike rack, I quickly realized that I had a bit of a problem.  My bike was not there.  A sadness came over me as I quickly had to accept the fact that my bike had been stolen and there was nothing I could do about it.  My busted lock lay on the ground by the rack, hiding between the neighboring bikes that were able to stay when my my beautiful pink and white bike had been taken away.  So sad!

I don't want to be pessimistic, but realistic in saying that I don't think I will ever see that bike again.  :( The security guards promised to review the surveillance cameras (that were not facing the bike rack) and contact me if they found anything, but the best case scenario seemed as though I would be able to wave at a little tv screen as I watched some fuzzy, hooded, figure ride away with my wheels.  What other feeling could I take back to the office besides a sick, nauseous feeling.

I could hardly focus on my work - so distracted by this violation.  Who would do such a thing?  Why would they take my bike from me?  I had looked so hard for the 'perfect' bike and was so happy with it.  I felt like this bicycle thief had stolen my soul! My happiness! My freedom!!! Arrrghhh!  I was so mad and wanted to get the bike back.  Walking through the neighborhood I felt as if my bike was near - trying to tell me where it was - but it couldn't and I could not reach out to it either.  I wanted it to ring it's little bell over and over so I could run to it, rescue it, and bring it back to it's happy home. 

In my struggle to focus at work, I jumped onto Craigslist to see if the thief had placed my bike up for sale yet.  I started scouring the ads to see what I could find.  In my emotional state, I couldn't remember the exact name, so I went over to the Diamondback website and saw the new model of my missing bike.  I took a link and found it for sale on a sporting store website.  I was so tempted to pay the money right then and buy the new version.  I knew I was going to be miserable going around to all the local bike shops - never seeing a bike I loved as much as my Vital 2.  The new bikes would be expensive.  The old ones would be affordable, but not cheap, and they would be rusty and beaten up.  I was spoiled by my great bike (that I bought in WV!) and wanted it back!  My emotions were going wild as I tried to resist grabbing my credit card and getting it over with.  In the meantime I go back over to Craigslist to see if during the 2 minutes on Dick's website the thief had posted my bike.  Well my heart jumps when I see the headline: DiamondBack Women's bike - like new - never ridden.  I thought THAT JERK!  There is my bike!  I clicked the link and NO - someone had posted the newer model!  The same one I was considering buying! 

To make a long story shorter, I contacted the seller and tried to keep my cool as I thought about the crazy idea of buying a new bike the same day mine went missing.  I was afraid I was just acting on emotions - trying to replace the bike before I had time to be too sad.  I was hoping I didn't want to buy this bike for the sake of buying a bike.  But it really wasn't like that.  It was strange.  The bike that I wanted.  The bike that I probably would have ended up buying even if I waited a month was right there, immediately in front of me.  And for a decent price - without taxes or shipping!  I went out to see it that night.  It rode like a jewel - seriously brand new and never ridden before.  It had been a gift to it's owner and she had never found the time to ride it and was concerned about a knee injury, so decided she no longer wanted it taking up space. I handed over my cash and rode it home! 
The day was a whirlwind. I felt like I'd been thrown around, but I felt pretty good as I rode my new bike to my apartment.  I felt like maybe I didn't let the whole incident didn't get the best of me.  I was very sad to loose the pink bike, but glad that a great replacement was put right in front of me.  And you better believe I will be investing in one of those Kryptonite bike locks - the kind that weigh more than the bike but are said to be the only locks that will protect a bike in NY.   This little incident better be the last of its kind for me!