Monday, April 21, 2008

A Tasty Day: Taking back Monday in Vermont

I have really been enjoying my stay here in Vermont. I have been able to relax and enjoy a more laid back atmosphere - quite a contrast to the hustle and bustle of New York. I wish I could be on vacation forever, but I guess I need to get back to work and such at some point.

Today I went to a couple of places that are "Vermont" - starting with the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory! I took a factory tour and learned all about the delicious ice cream and saw how it is made. I even had a little taste for myself. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to use my camera inside the tour. I guess they didn't want me giving away all of their secrets on my blog. Oh well. I have to settle with pictures of the wall of "Euphoric Flavors". Yummmm..... Takes me back to my freshman year of college and pints of cookie dough ice cream.

Following the tour and tasting, we drove up the mountain to take a look at the Trapp Family Lodge, founded by the von Trapp family of the Sound of Music. Unfortunately, I am here a little early in the season and the trees are not typical of the "Green Mountain State", but the views were beautiful, none the less.

Speaking of "Green Mountain".... my favorite thing produced in this state has to be Green Mountain Coffee!!!! Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a big thing here in Vermont and you can get this tasty brew wherever you go! A quick stop at a gas station produces a high quality cup, unlike many other gas stations around the nation whose coffee leaves much to be desired. Jason and I went by the Green Mountain Coffee headquarters in the cute little village of Waterbury. We were able to go in their visitors center, where we learned about both coffee production and about the company. Of course we had to get a cup at the cafe and sit outside and enjoy the warm spring day. And who can leave such a place without buying a bag of beans to enjoy at home? Not I.

I will wrap up this blog with a quote that was on the wall in the visitor's center:

I think this means I will have a very peaceful and prosperous life. I can live with that....


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Guido's Biatch said...

coffee will solve all of the world's problems, if only people would open their eyes to it.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a lot of fun...... so was the morning coffee, price is right, and smores!!!