Thursday, March 25, 2010


Bad news bears! I think I've developed an immunity to my favorite beverage and drug of choice - COFFEE!!! It seems that no matter how much I chug during the afternoon hours I just want to FALL ASLEEP. It's as if there is a magnet in my desk, pulling my head down, down...down...
This is not good! What can I do? Something stronger? Even more coffee? Go OFF of coffee for a week so it has an effect when I come back (oh how miserable that week would be and everyone would HATE being around me - and I would hate everyone and everything - bad idea). So what's a gal to do? Maybe I should give in and take a nap every afternoon! Those Spaniards are smart with their siestas. Yeah, I think that's the solution. Siesta. Think the boss will mind?

Monday, March 15, 2010

On Broadway

Well, we are still having 'weather'. I was tricked by a few days of really nice temperatures and a bit of sun, but that all went away last weekend and we have been covered in rain since Thursday night. They say it is going to stop and be nice for the rest of the week. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

Last week was a fun week for me - besides the few days of warmth. What better way to give an early welcome to spring than to go to the theater! I had a very exhausting week, but not in ways that I should complain. After a weekend of playing my own concerts, Chris and I hit up the town and saw Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music on Broadway. It was one of those things we just had to do. Starring Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta Jones.
I can't believe Angela Lansbury is still acting. I remember her from growing up and watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks when I visited Mama and Papa. I don't remember a lot about that movie (I should watch it again!) but I do remember Ms. Lansbury and her voice as she took the kids on some sort of adventure on their magical bed. Aside from that, I remember seeing many a Murder She Wrote - also starring AL.

Well, the musical was a real treat. The acting was great and there were several top notch singers. I like seeing a revival of an older musical like that - one that actually has good quality music. I can't stand the things that are being passed off as 'musicals' these days. Some of them truly stink and don't last more than a few weeks, but some of them become major tourist traps and stick around forever. They are more like dancing rock shows with cheezy arrangements than anything else - like do we really need a Spiderman the Musical, written by Bono? Then again, it is directed by Julie Taymor, who did Lion King on Broadway and the newest production of the Magic Flute at the Met, which I loved - so maybe I am interested... oh my... the conflicts... I think it was delayed until 2012, so I guess I'll have to wait.

Anyway - I saw A Little Night Music and it was great. I had a wonderful evening, sitting in the back of the theater, peering down at the tremendous performers on the stage. Angela Lansbury is fabulous and barely has to say anything to make me laugh. I'm glad I grabbed the chance to see her.