Thursday, November 11, 2010

a face for fall

Union Square Farmer's Market

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coffee Shmoffee

Today I had a new coffee experience!  A coffee place that has been on my 'to-do' list for a long time appeared before me this morning... and I mean literally appeared before my eyes.  The funny thing is that it is actually right across the street from the church I attend.  I just never saw it because it is right across from the side door and I always use the front door.  Well, this morning the trains were running different than normal, so I took an ever so slightly different route and just as I was about to leap across the street and disappear into church I noticed this really interesting place that seemed to be buzzing quite a bit for a Sunday morning.  I paused long enough to see the sign on the window for Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  Who knew?  There it was.  Mental bookmark made and off to church I go.

As soon as the service ended I ran back out the side door and over to the coffee place!  It is such a unique place.  It's very small and actually inside a hotel.  It has an older feeling - kind of vintage/modern I guess.  The baristas were dressed in great outfits using newsboy hats, suspenders and vests... made me feel like I was in another era... and not in a 'costumey' way.  So the look was great, but were all the customers waiting in line for that?  Oh no.  This was some good coffee.  The aroma that filled the air while I waited in line could not lie.  My macchiato was smooth, creamy, yummy and beautiful.  With this caffeine haven next door, I will never doze off in church again.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Usually Halloween kind of gets on my nerves.  I often feel like I'm trying to come up with a costume idea at the last minute.  I don't get into getting ridiculously dressed up and I definitely don't want to spend a lot of money on some costume that I will never use again.  I prefer fancy dressed that I will never wear again...
I also hate that most girls use Halloween as a time to dress (or UNdress) like a skank.  I don't know when Halloween because a licence to go around half naked, but it's just not my thing.  Anyway - let's not get on that path.

I actually think this Halloween turned out pretty well and it was super easy so I am super excited about that.  We had some events at work and I participated in the pumpkin decorating contest.  I did not win, but I thought my Pumpkin Pi was quite clever and nerdy and I definitely get some points for that.

One of the orchestras I play in, the One World Symphony held a couple of concerts over the weekend too.  We had one in Brooklyn on Friday night and one in Manhattan on Sunday night.  We dressed up in costumes for those concerts and played fun "Halloween' like music.  I decided to go a Rosie the Riveter.  I think (and based on all the comments on my facebook pictures) that the costume came off really well.  It was super easy and a LOT of fun.  I love that all I really did was tie some fabric around my head and put on a denim shirt and there she was!  Yay!