Monday, September 20, 2010

New Day's Resolution

I need to play my "auxiliary" clarinets more!  Of course, I need to play all of my clarinets more, but especially the 'others'.  My bass and E-flat rarely come out of the case and that's not good.  It's especially not good because for the most part the only reason they do come out of their cases is because I have to play a rehearsal or gig with them. Which means when I am asked to play in public, I haven't been practicing and there is a good chance that I won't sound that great on them.  Which is... bad.  SO - I am going to attempt to stick to a new rule: At least ONE night a week I have BC night or E-flat night.  If I play them only once a week I will be in much better shape than I am currently.  I started tonight with a BC Squeak-fest.  It was tremendous.  At least I know it is me and not the instrument having the problem, since I had it worked on not too long ago.  Regardless of my clumsiness with it, it feels much better than it has in the past.  This makes me happy because I know if I just practice the thing it will sound better.  It's kind of fun and encouraging to sound like a total mess.  At least the only way to go is UP!

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MM HONEY said...

I think I have a B FLAT night.