Monday, February 25, 2008

Taking Monday Back

Jared and I had a fun day today. We decided to have "Saturday on Monday". The main reason for this is that Monday is his day off for his internship. He wants to do something fun on Monday because he has to work the rest of the week. Me, well, I always want to do something fun! We laughed that while most people are groaning about Monday arriving and the weekend ending, he was excited that it was Monday morning!

The poor weather this morning halted our plans of hiking, but we made a list of other things we needed to do and went on our way. We met up with Mark and did a little shopping and grabbed some lunch. After Mark split, Jared and I checked the list and headed over to the mall so I could get a lens cap for my camera. You know you are having a good day when:

Somebody left a bunch of time on the meter! All right!!! We did a quick swoop into the mall and were able to leave some time on the meter for somebody else!

With our shopping was finished, we did a little exploring around Charleston. We saw a pretty wild road sign. One of the great thing about our curvy roads in West Virginia is some of the road signs they come up with. This one caught our attention so much that we put the car in reverse to go back and figure out what it was telling us. You always want to know what is waiting around the curve and with signs like this you are prepared!

After all this running around, we were in desperate need for a cup of coffee, so we stopped into the Bridge Street Bistro in Charleston. We had never been there and thought it looked like a nice place, so in we went! The cup of coffee extended into coffee and desert. We just had to try this Mexicali Chocolate ice cream that our server recommended. And what a treat it was! Mexican chocolate is chocolate that is spiced up a bit with flavors like cinnamon and vanilla. This was a chocolate base ice cream, but it had all kinds of other flavors in it with a kick at the end! The description we came up with was: "Chocolate Chai, followed by Andes Mint, finished with a Red Hot to provide a kick of lingering heat." Paired with a strawberry and a cup of coffee - loved it. We have taken Monday back.

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