Sunday, November 20, 2011

She's a sweet little thing.

On Saturday I was walking up Third Avenue in Manhattan, enjoying the sunny side of the street, when I passed a pastry shop, La Delice Pastry Shop.  It's a very traditional, small, mom and pop shop with only enough space for big counters filled with a variety of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, bars, tarts, etc., etc., etc.  Pretty much any kind of desert you could wish for. The smell alone will give you a sugar high!  No room for tables... grab your sweets, your coffee, and go.  

I've been to this shop before, but the reason I bring it up this time, when I didn't even go inside, is because of  the cake in the window.  The shop does have a life-sized baker mannequin at the front door to welcome guests, but if he comes across a little scary (which he can at times) there are beautifully decorated cakes in the front window to help seal the deal. This weekend they had a Barbie cake.  (I guess it's not officially "Barbie" but a Doll Cake.)  The reason this excites me is because I used to have these cakes as a kid. I don't remember exactly how many I had, but I know I had a few and I was quite a fan of them.  I'm also not sure if they were all made by Mama, or possibly Mom made one too, but they definitely came down from that side of the family.  Kind of a strange cake, now that I think about it... but fun and I loooved it as a Barbie obsessed girl.  I doubt the Barbie cake is all that uncommon, but I know I don't see them on a regular basis, so it was kind of neat to see her in a NY bakery window.  Maybe I'll get one for my next birthday...isn't that what every 30-something wants? At least I'll know where to order it from...

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