Friday, October 28, 2011

Not enough space.

Twice a year I am faced with this ginormous task of switching out my clothes from one season to the next.  I kind of hate this task and I wait until the last possible moment to do it.  As the weather gets cool, I try to wear cute jackets over any 3/4 sleeve shirts I can come across, with the pants that stay out year round.  Usually there is a light scarf that will help me last another week into the fall.  But eventually that just doesn't cut it anymore and I need a sweater and am forced to do the big switch.  This entails standing atop a wobbly stool and pulling a ridiculously overstuffed army sized bag from the top of my small closet. Usually either the pulling out, or the pushing back up almost knocks me off the stool to a near death.  I always try to get rid of a few things to lighten the load, but I don't really have much excess.  My clothing purchases have dwindled greatly over the past few years, possibly inspired by the pains of moving stuff around?  Why is the only storage in my apartment up high?  I guess it represents New York.  No room to expand up!

Anyway - I came across a few interesting ideas during my switcharoo this season.  First of all, somehow without busting down a wall and expanding my closet, I was able to install a hanging shelf organizer to hold my sweaters.  I'm not sure how it actually fit, and things are pretty tight, but I'll take it!  Having the sweaters in there opened up a shelf where I can now store all my music books for school, which were taking up a nice space on the floor.  And somehow by rearranging the stuff on top of the bookshelf I was able to store my big ol' bag o' summer clothes up there, which opened up a little square of space on the top shelf in my closet!  Wow.  I don't even know what to do with that space yet!  It's amazing.  I wonder if that's a sign of living in a New York apartment for a while.  If you sit and stare long enough, you will figure out a way to come up with just a little bit more space.  And that space will make an unbelievable difference.

The other idea, which is actually a question is: why do I have 3 billion hangers when only about 50 will fit in my closet?  Where did they all come from?  And shoes...there is just no good way to store all of my shoes.  Oh well.  I'm doing all right, I guess.

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mmhoney said...

Dream on. If you can close the door- Don't look behind it.
My formula for cleaning a closet.
Take everything out. Make 3 piles.
1. I am wearing this.
2. I am don't know
3. I don't want this.
Now put pile 2 on pile 3, go to goodwill. Job well gone.