Saturday, August 30, 2008

the traveler returns

I am back from a wonderful trip to Israel. I was able to see SO MANY things while I was there. I was lucky to be staying with Ronen's family, who were extremely kind and helpful. Since they let us use their car, we were able to drive around to different areas of the country and see different places. I saw things that were older than anything I had ever seen before and experienced places that I had imagined in my mind from the stories I heard since I was a young child. And the food....oh, yes, the food. Non.Stop. I have now eaten at at least two of the "top 5" Israeli hummus places, tried 20 Arabic salads in one meals, eaten dates from the tree, and tried an enormous amount of the breads and cheeses Israel has to offer. Actually, I probably haven't scratched the surface - but I can only do so much damage in 2 1/2 weeks!
We got back to New York last night, after staying up the night before and random sleeping on the plane. Exhaustion quickly set in and the fight against jet lag is a continuing process. I think I am doing a pretty good job. My coffee makers are standing by to help keep me awake when my eyes start feeling strong hits of gravity.

A quick description of the pictures (I'll go top to bottom, left to right - unlike the right to left I've been trying to learn my entire trip).
1. Flowers overlooking Haifa from Ba'hai Center - very overcast day or you would be able to see the Mediterranean sea in the background.
2. Outside a small church in Tabgha, marking place where Jesus fed multitudes from loaf and fishes
3. Overlooking Sea of Galilee
4. Walking in, not on the Sea of Galilee
5. Dates growing on a tree in Kibbutz Gesher
6. Floating in the Dead Sea
7. Jerusalem
8. Garden Tomb, Jerusalem
9. Camel in the desert


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You sure had a lot of dates in Israel!!! ---Mom

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Guido's Biatch said...

So, I cannot even fathom going to Israel. I have been to some places that have really shocked me, but that must have been a truly awesome trip. SO JEALOUS!