Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not your average beverage container...

I know I have spoken before about how some coffee cups seem to make me happier than others.  Honestly, I am a fan of any "coffee delivery system", but some are a little more enjoyable than others.  I went into the whole thing here, if you'd like to be reminded.

I love when a really cool cup jumps out at me.  Such a thing happened not too long ago!  I was browsing around, creating a dream list at Anthropologie, when I stumbled across this cute creation.  It calls to me a little bit more as a 'tea' mug than coffee, but I love its uniqueness. (The design continues a little bit on the inside, which is even more fun!)  I was a bit skeptical about the comfort level of that 'handle', but it actually fits quite well!  Sometimes a mug looks great, but just doesn't feel right.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one fit the bill.  And coming from the sale section meant my bills could fit it!  All right!

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