Friday, August 5, 2011

Market Madness

Last weekend it just wasn't hot enough in the upper 90's, so we went down to the farmers market to heat things up a bit.  Peppers, anyone?

No thanks.... not my style.  But I did come home with some yummy sweet corn.  I love sweet corn in the summer.   I always think of buying it off the back of a pick-up truck by the roadside in WV.  I can't do that now, but the farmers market is the next best thing.  I see the workers bringing in huge new bundles of corn throughout the day - straight from the farm.

It's fun to walk around the market and check out the different things available.  They have plants, meat, fruits, veggies, and other stuff, like honey, bread, jam and yarn all from local farms.  Especially if you get there early, the options are endless.  Find a little  inspiration and plan a good fresh dinner!  Yeah!


mmhoney said...

My greatest joy is 1/2 runner beans. Best ever....

Mary Ann said...

I love fresh summer veggies too! I got some big tomatoes, corn, and more beans today. Yum! I bet looking at the yarn is neat.