Friday, July 8, 2011

True Criminals

Crazy things always happen to me!  I just came back from lunch, where I was sitting in the park on a bench eating my turkey sandwich.  A guy walking his two dogs comes my way.  One of the dogs runs over to me like he wants to say hello. Cute!  I reach out to pet him and the dog grabs my sandwich right out of my lap!  It was on the ground before I even knew what happened!  While the first dog wrestled with the napkin, the other one joined in the party and took half for himself!  All the meanwhile, the owner is trying to get rescue the napkin and the plastic bag, apologizing profusely.  I think these dogs are pros.  They may have done this move before.  After they finish, they lay down at my feet, knowing that I couldn't possibly be mad at those puppy eyes.  (Yeah right, they are waiting to see if I have any more food!!!!) See if I ever trust a cute friendly dog again!  

1 comment:

mmhoney said...

Aw Poor Baby.
You should have held out your hand for a contribution.
Did you see any signs: Don't feed the animals??????