Friday, April 15, 2011

A spring in my step

It seems like spring is ever so slowly, finally starting to show itself in New York. It's been a long time coming, that's for sure.  We had two days that were really nice this week and a couple of days that were more gloomy and rainy.  I guess rain is to be expected in April, so I should keep positive and hope that April showers really do bring May flowers!!!

I have been trying to coax spring into showing up a little more.  Maybe it is nervous about coming out after winter was so strong.  Who knows.  I thought buying some spring shoes might help.  Right?  Besides, I had a coupon from the fabulous DSW that was about to expire so I had to use it!  It's a bit of a gimmic, yes, because I had to spend money in order to save money, but the coupon was only sent to me because I had spent a certain amount of money in the past.  I really couldn't let that go to waste.

As much as I love summer sandals, I don't feel quite like buying them yet.  We are just passing that awkward stage of shoe shopping where I have no interest in more boots or winter shoes but I'm not ready for flip flops. I searched around DSW for a long time and nothing was really striking my fancy.  Eventually, I just started trying on things for fun when I found a perfect pair of spring shoes!  Cute, colorful, light and 'springy'.  Yay!  So I was able to use my coupon and walk out of there with some happy feet.  I love new shoes!


mmhoney said...

Be sure and shovel the snow before you wear these. They look like SPRING to me.

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I am Megan said...

Apparently the 'forcing of the issue' with spring did not work out for me. I have yet to wear my spring shoes... a month later. Come ON!