Thursday, December 2, 2010

time out of town

The fall tends to be a busy time.  Actually, most of the year tends to be busy.  Possibly I lead a busy life. I can't believe that it is now December and we are in the midst of the holiday season, looking at the close of another year.  I don't know where the time went.  It feels like just yesterday that Stacy and I were huddled under an umbrella 15 blocks away from a sparkling sphere, squinting to see the globe that was to bring in the new year as it descended on masses of people.

I was fortunate during the fall season to take a few trips.  Unfortunately, I was too busy to write much about them.  First, I was able to spend a weekend in West Virginia.  Not too long after, I went to Montana for several days where I got to hang out with Ben, Jen, and little Joel, who is quickly becoming 'not so little' anymore.  He could be pretty wild at times, but all in all is a super cute kid.  I enjoyed reading to him, but he would read the same book over and over...and over...  I would think he would get tired of it, but nope.  He could have much worse habits, I must say.  I can't get over how demanding babies are.  Being a single lady in the city, I can't wrap my mind around this other person that needs your attention 24/7.  Entire days have to be planned around feedings, naps, moods... not much room for spontaneity in there.  Parents have a lot of patience.  When a kid is screaming all the time, I would want to put him in the closet and go shopping.  I don't think that's really an option though.  Well, it's fun being an aunt.  Not that being a parent isn't extremely rewarding, but I think I'll enjoy my freedom while I have it.  My day may come.

Last week, for Thanksgiving, I went down to Richmond to John and Pat's place.  A bunch of the WV portion of the family came out to meet us and we had a great time.  I was nervous to fly on Thanksgiving day, especially with the new scanners and pat downs that are all the drama in the news, but I had no problems.  In fact, the airport was like a ghost town when I left NY.  Coming back was so early that I was barely aware of what was going on anyway.

Next week a gang of family is coming to New York and the week after that I will be heading to West Virginia for Christmas!  I can't believe it's so soon!  I need to do some Christmas shopping asap!

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