Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh no, oh snow!

  • NYC Weather: Blizzard Induces Transit Headache

  • Blizzard Pummels Northeast, Closes NYC Airports

  • Blizzard stops East Coast in its tracks

  • U.S. air traffic snarled by blizzard

 I'm STUCK in WV!  My Monday morning flight was canceled and the earliest reschedule is THURSDAY morning!  At least I am stuck at a nice cozy home instead of spending days in an airport somewhere!  Hope they are able to clean up the mess in New York and get me back for at least one day of work this week!  Yikes!




MM HONEY said...

When you get lemons! Well you make lemonaid.
Take a trip into the library and get a good book. If I come up with more brillant ideas I will let you know.

TheFreedomTrombone said...

Last year when snow stranded me, I wasn't lucky enough to be stuck at home--2 days in the Philadelphia airport! Enjoy your extended vacation!