Sunday, March 22, 2009

For shame, for shame.

Well, here it is - beyond mid-March and I have to admit.... I have been horribly bad at keeping my New Year's resolution. Shamefully bad, embarrassingly sinful, I must say. Almost as if calling it a "New Year's resolution" put a curse on it and made my little goal completely unobtainable. I guess that is what resolutions are for, right? They are made to be broken. Does ANYONE ever keep a NY Res? Seriously? How many diets go out the door; gym memberships unused? Well, my pots and pans have remained empty. Shame on me. All the "cooking at home" I had intended to do... didn't happen. A few times it happened. I've made a few breakfasts, made a couple of lasagnas, and thrown together some sandwiches along the way - but those fabulous cookbooks and magazines are pretty much just sitting around looking fabulous and not much more.

Today I thought I would try to break the curse by mixing up a pot of chili. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I imagine that very soon it will be so warm out that I won't really want a big bowl of soup. This chili doesn't take many ingredients or too much effort, which is nice. I was able to make it while I did the laundry (I know, I am being extremely productive today). I don't know why I don't do something like chili more often because now I have the leftovers for later in the week when I need a quick lunch before work. At one point in my life leftovers seemed unappetizing but now that life is so busy they are wonderful! Especially the kind I can take on the road with me. Perfect. I should learn my lesson and cook more so I have more leftovers!

Originally I was going to go off in this post about knives. But now I don't think I will talk about how the more knives I have used the more I realize that I am a knife snob. How a bad knife is really worthless. In fact, it is more than takes up time and effort - stealing precious moments and happiness from life. I thought about that as I sawed away on an onion this afternoon with the "whatever knife I could find in the drawer". I have my own set of knives that I keep in my room, but I didn't feel that I had the time to go search for them. Looking back, maybe the time I would have spent searching would have been equal to the time spent sawing and resawing that onion. Plus I would have had the satisfaction of cutting cleanly and quickly through the vegetable. Maybe I have learned my lesson. But my question is, why do so many people have so many bad knives??? Where do these come from and why are they in nearly every apartment I have stayed in? What about quality of life? Oh - but I wasn't going to get into the knife rant. Oops.

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