Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good Eats in Williamsburg

Luckily while I was in Richmond I was able to put that pesky kidney infection aside long enough to go out and enjoy some good food! Uncle John and I went to downtown Williamsburg for some lunch. This neat little area filling the streets by Colonial Williamsburg is packed with interesting specialty shops and restaurants. We decided to try out Berret's Seafood Restaurant. We started with a large plate full of calamari with soy ginger dipping sauce, which was DELICIOUS! Then we both ordered the crab broil sandwich: pan-fried crabcake on a toasted English muffin, Surry bacon, tomato, melted Swiss cheese....YUMM.
And look how those fries are served on the side! Even a girl with a kickin' kidney can enjoy a meal like that - especially served outdoors on a beautiful day in September.

After the meal we wa
lked around Colonial Williamsburg as much as we could without paying the entrance fee. Here are a few interesting photos I snapped:

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