Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well, so much for spring.  I shouldn't even think about it.  It's cold and we are now in the midst of a blizzard. It is a blizzard named Nemo.  I didn't know they named snowstorms....must be a new thing.  It's kind of silly, in my opinion.  They do like to make everything dramatic.  I read that this is a "ferocious Nor'Easter" and "the worst storm EVER."  The headlines just can't get enough.  Well...we'll see what happens.  It has been pretty steady snow and honestly looks pretty bad out there.  A little earlier tonight a car did get stuck trying to turn the corner by my apartment.  It was funny to watch because some people have no clue how to drive in this kind of weather.  I heard another car "peeling out" going down my street.  I never realized it before, but my apartment does sit on a slight hill.  Slight hills become more significant when the roads are slick.  Ahh...I actually hear tires spinning outside right now.  This could get interesting!

All of my events for tomorrow have been cancelled.  I'm sad that my concert was cancelled because we worked hard this week to prepare for it and now won't be able to play it.  At least I got to learn some new music.  I do have PLENTY of work I can do now that I have more time.  Lots of practicing to do.  I just have to make sure to get out of the apartment for a little bit or I go crazy.  Maybe I should go out and try to find a good coffee/breakfast spot.  Maybe I should go build a snowman.  Who knows.  So many options.


mmhonery said...

Top of the Morning to You.
I remember when my youngens were youngens that I looked in the freezer and there was a little snowman.
I guess they wanted to keep it for a later date. Now don't get any ideas.

I am Megan said...

Hey, that sounds like a good idea!