Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 thus far

So far I have had a nice new year back in New York.  I celebrated the arrival of 2012 in Brooklyn with a small group of friends.  It was very nice.  Since then I have been working, practicing, taking advantage of some after-Christmas sales, and trying to relax as much as I can.  Aside from two very frigid days, the weather has been pretty mild and I've been enjoying my break from school.  I'm also in the midst of a room organization project that I'm enjoying.  I am going through my room in sections and trying to get everything organized.  The project has included several trips to The Container Store, Home Depot, and the discount store in my neighborhood.  As I go along I am coming up with new ideas and also looking at websites for inspiration.  It's been pretty amazing how much more space I can find when I get really organized.  I found one extra shelf on my small bookcase and a whole extra shelf (maybe even two) on my larger bookcase!  The goal is for every "thing" to have its own "place".  Then nothing should go on the floor or in piles to never be seen again, right?  We'll see.  I'm excited about what I've done so far and there is still PLENTY to go.  I'm still trying to decide the best methods for my clarinet stuff, music, and school stuff.  These things tend to get out of control, especially during the semester or when I get really busy.  Unfortunately, Better Homes and Garden's website doesn't have a "de-clutter your clarinet stuff" page so I'm on my own with this one.  Maybe I will come up with something creative and put it on my website and become famous with all the clarinetists.  I'll be the Martha Stewart of clarinet.

Well - Project Organization 2012 will have to go on hold tomorrow because I will be going to Florida for the rest of the week!  I'm super excited to take a vacation with my family and get to relax in a warm place.  I look forward to seeing my nephew who I haven't seen in a year, and meeting my new niece for the first time!  With a family so spread out, it's hard to get everyone together at the same time, so this will be great!  Yippee!

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mmhoney said...

Go For It!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love getting things organized. Relax on your Fl. trip. Keep up with the sun lotion and have fun....