Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to School

Hello blog readers!  I am still here!  Don't worry!
I have made some big changes lately - mainly going back to school to start my doctorate!!!  A doctor of clarinet! Whoa! Crazy!
It's been quite an adjustment and although I'm not fully settled yet, I am very excited about the changes and the possibilities it can create for the future.  I am still working part-time at the opera, so I am staying busy busy busy.  I should be asleep right now, but I was up finishing my homework and thought I would say hello to the blog world.  Homework....there is a concept I had easily let go of over the past few years.  Hahaha.  It is interesting to go back to school after being out for a while.  Some things I slipped right back into as if I never left...other things I totally forgot.  Well, blowing off those cobwebs and diving in...that's what I'm doing.


Anonymous said...

Be careful of what your slipping back into!!!!
Oh Be Careful Little Hands What you do.

I am Megan said...

I think slipping into an advanced degree in music is safe.