Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coffee Shmoffee

Today I had a new coffee experience!  A coffee place that has been on my 'to-do' list for a long time appeared before me this morning... and I mean literally appeared before my eyes.  The funny thing is that it is actually right across the street from the church I attend.  I just never saw it because it is right across from the side door and I always use the front door.  Well, this morning the trains were running different than normal, so I took an ever so slightly different route and just as I was about to leap across the street and disappear into church I noticed this really interesting place that seemed to be buzzing quite a bit for a Sunday morning.  I paused long enough to see the sign on the window for Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  Who knew?  There it was.  Mental bookmark made and off to church I go.

As soon as the service ended I ran back out the side door and over to the coffee place!  It is such a unique place.  It's very small and actually inside a hotel.  It has an older feeling - kind of vintage/modern I guess.  The baristas were dressed in great outfits using newsboy hats, suspenders and vests... made me feel like I was in another era... and not in a 'costumey' way.  So the look was great, but were all the customers waiting in line for that?  Oh no.  This was some good coffee.  The aroma that filled the air while I waited in line could not lie.  My macchiato was smooth, creamy, yummy and beautiful.  With this caffeine haven next door, I will never doze off in church again.


Stacy Shu said...

Hahaa, so jealous :)

I am Megan said...

I'll take you there next time you're here. It's a cool hang out place.