Monday, January 4, 2010

A Brand New Year!

Happy 2010 and welcome to it! The past few weeks have been a ride, that's for sure, and I have a lot of catching up to do. I went home to West Virginia for Christmas week and then came back to New York for New Years week. Stacy came along with me and we tore apart the city, as usual, despite the roaring winds and arctic temperatures. I also feel like I have been eating nonstop for at least a month. I am best described as 'feeling like a blob'. I guess that is what the holidays are for, right???

Anyway, I guess things are heading back to 'normal' now as Stacy left this morning. I always say that things will get back to normal someday, that things will calm down and slow down pretty soon...but do they really ever?

I have lots to chat about, but for now how about the last meal of 2009:

Delicious salmon from L'Express French Cafe

And the 'meal' that welcomed in 2010:

Chocolate Pizza a la Max Brenner....but of course.

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Russian Tart said...

this just made me so hungry, despite my current blob status.