Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a bite of the apple

For no reason at all I am up extra early this morning. I don't know what that's all about. Oh no! Maybe I am turning into my mom, the way she gets up way too early. Speaking of Mom... I had a couple of visitors last weekend. Mom and Dad came up for their first visit to the Big Apple! We had such a great time. They arrived on Thursday night, just in time to pick me up from work. Over the next two days we spent time seeing the sights of the city and hanging out in my apartment. We really hit a lot of the spots. Of course I took them to Times Square where we HAD to visit M&M World and the Hershey Store! And Mom and I being the shoppers that we are had no choice but to hit every floor of the world's biggest store - MACYS!!! Of the other highlights I'd say going up in the Empire State Building, which I had done years ago, but was a real treat. In the past I had been at night, but this time we went during the day. I could pick out a lot of places from up there. That day there was a chill in the air on the street, but up 80-some floors was quite brisk! Plus the wind was blowing all around! But it was still a great experience to go up in such a landmark and look out over the city.

Also I took them to an opera at the Metropolitan Opera. I figure since I work there and was able to get amazing seats for an amazing deal that they should check it out. We went to Barber of Seville, which was the first opera for both of my parents. I was a little nervous because some people have negative reactions to opera (just because it's opera) or find it boring and want to sleep through the entire thing. In my opinion, Barber of Seville is very accessible and a great first opera. Besides, if you are going to give opera a try you might as well start at the top with the Met. Well, they loved it! I was so happy that it was a success... despite traffic and parking issues.

Lastly, on their way out of town Sunday evening I made them stop at Junior's for a slice (or two) of world-famous cheesecake. We split a slice of original cheesecake and one of strawberry. Paired with a cup of coffee was just perfect! Needless to say, we had two empty plates in front of us in no time at all! New York cheesecake is an absolute must. The texture and flavor just can't be beat.

Those are some of the highlights of our little vacation in the city. I love living in a place that can turn into a vacation for me. New Yorkers rarely go to the places that tourists visit. We have different neighborhoods and in general try to stay away from those busy areas so our lives are more 'normal' and we aren't always fighting through the crowds. Because of this, the city can be instantly transformed into a different place when visitors come and we DO go to those places and see our home from a different perspective. Kind of cool. Well, I'm up early and don't think I'll be going back to sleep, so I might as well go on in to work. Early in means... early out!!! I can handle that!!!


MMHONEY said...

STAND TALL. . . . . . .

Mary Ann said...

Sarah and I are coming with some girlfriends the Saturday after Thanksgiving...don't know if you will be in NYC that weekend or not. Our original flight was supposed to leave Friday morning and we were going to stay 3 nights, but for some reason that flight was canceled. We are now coming from Saturday morning til Monday night. I don't know if we will do the "touristy" things or not since most of us coming have been many times before. We'd love to meet up for dinner one night if you're there!

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