Monday, November 10, 2008

How many guys does it take?

I end up eating out quite a bit. Probably more than I should. Well, definitely more than I should. I like eating out, but it can get expensive (especially in New York) and after a while it can loose its "excitement". There is one place that I frequent for a good burger. That is Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I always love a nice "little cheeseburger" with crunchy lettuce, tomato, and grilled mushrooms. They also have really good fries at Five Guys. You can get them regular or Cajun style. I tend to go regular because they have a lot of flavor and are so hot and yummy, but the cajun is great if you are bored and want to spice it up a bit.
I first met up with Five Guys in Washington DC. I think that is where they originated. I didn't go there that often, but always enjoyed when I did. After moving to New York it took a while to find out that there were also Five Guy locations here. I didn't know that Five Guys was a wide-spread as it actually is. Lucky for me, there is a location just a few blocks from where I work. So on days when I don't bring my lunch and I have to stay at the office later than I expected I LOVE to run over and grab a burger and fries.
I guess one of my favorite things about this place (besides the good food AND the free peanuts while you wait) is the fact that they don't have a HUGE menu with a million different options. They serve burgers, hot dogs, and fries. You can get a big burger or a little burger. You can have cheese and/or bacon. You can add a bunch of toppings, but the bottom line is always the same. Burgers. I like this. I think so many places try to have too many options and, frankly, they just stress me out. I like to keep it simple. The store is very simple, easily recognizable, and consistently good. I like it. Here is a picture of me about to dig into a burger. See, don't I look happy? Long live Five Guys!

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