Thursday, October 16, 2008

finding foliage

I love fall and missed it so much when I was living in the south. It just isn't the same down there. I am realizing it just isn't the same in this city either. The first sign of fall was cooler weather, but then it got gloomy and rainy. That's not the fall I am looking for!!! The weather did warm back up and it's been pretty nice the past week or so, but I want COLOR. I guess there just aren't enough trees here to give much color. So sad. I remember some really nice colors from last year, but that's what you get from those West Virginia hills. Maybe it is still early? Please tell me that the rest of the country is not colorful and beautiful. Oh well. I searched high and low and was able to find some orange in Brooklyn. It will have to suffice.

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mmhoney said...

The colors are not as bright as they usually are. It could be the dry summer.

This weekend is bridge day - bring your camera and come on down. I won't let you jump. We are having beautiful weather, however, today is overcast and may rain tonight. We need it

Blue isn't listening so I guess I can say "Hi" to the cat......