Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun Day

Had a good day! Stacy's car needed to be taken to the shop, which happened to be by the mall - so it was a girls shopping day! We ended up looking around a few stores, trying on clothes (some of which were disasters) and all getting our hair cut. It was fun for all three of us to have our hair cut at the same time. We were each in different chairs with different stylists. The store wasn't busy, so we would talk to each other and joke about having a contest to see who would have the best haircut at the end. Amazingly, we were all happy with the way our hair looked after the cuts. 3/3 is great!
I bought a pattern and some material for a bag I am going to make. I am going to try the tie top first. Time to try my hand at sewing - now that I've had my machine for a few months. I have only used it to sew up the sides of a shirt for work so it would fit me. I am excited about getting it started. I hope I stay excited through the whole project!

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